In Arkansas, we certainly get our share of rainfall throughout the year, and during certain times of the year, flash floods are frighteningly common. Extreme weather can quickly do a lot of property damage, particularly if the property is not properly engineered to handle sudden heavy rainfall.

AA Quarry, LLC is the top rock supplier in the southeast and each year, we mine and sell over two million tons of rock products from our Arkansas rock quarry. Our rock products are mined from a major outcropping of nepheline syenite, a hard gray colored rock formation with visible characteristics of granite. Whether you are mixing concrete, looking for fill gravel, or in the market for Armor Stone, our team is a phone call away, and we will be happy to provide you the rock products that you are looking for. Here are a few basic recommendations on ways to protect yourself from the harmful effects of erosion:

Plant Dense Vegetation-One of the most practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions is to plant shrubbery that can quickly develop a solid root structure. As the roots begin to spread, they can aerate the soil, and allow water to soak in quickly. They will also anchor your topsoil in place.

Build Retaining Walls or Use Rip Rap-There are a lot of great ways to stabilize a shoreline or hillside, and Rip Rap stones are the most cost-effective solution. The rocks are about 10-18” in diameter, and lock together perfectly to anchor the dirt underneath. And if you are fonder of more custom look than a rockpile, we can custom cut armor stone to order to help you build retaining walls or other structures.

Facilitate Drainage-Depending on your location in relation to your local drainage system, you may need to find creative ways to direct rainwater away from the building. A gently sloping parking lot is a great solution, and for your more challenging areas, you might want to consider installing French drains.

If you have any questions, or are ready to place an order, contact us online, or at 501-565-5333.