Through all the years that have passed since they began mass producing building materials, the industry still hasn’t managed to match the strength, durability, and abundance of rock! Each time that you pick up a rock, you’re holding something that has existed since the beginnings of the planet we live on; time will tell if today’s iron and steel will last that long!

No one understands more about the usefulness of rock products for residential and commercial construction than our team at AA Quarry, LLC, and we’ve produced and sold over two million tons of rock, sand, and gravel since opening our doors in 2005. Our rock products are mined in central Arkansas from a major outcropping of Nepheline Syenite, a hard, gray-colored rock similar to granite in appearance and durability.,We offer several sizes and consistencies, and we can also custom cut or grind rock to order. Here are a few of our most popular rock products:

Rock gravel – We carry base 57 & 67 stone, the difference being size: 67 refers to stones up to ¾” in size, and 57 stone is slightly larger. Whether you’re shoring up a lot for a foundation or pavement, or building a French drain, either are a good choice.

Rip Rap – You’ll most commonly see rip rap stone on shorelines or levees, because the large stones minimize erosion. Arkansas is no stranger to the unexpected flash flood, and people living near water know that protecting shorelines is the best defense against suddenly finding themselves living on an island!

Armor Stone – Armor stone refers to large boulders custom-cut to your specifications. Armor stone is another great way to protect a shoreline, but it doesn’t stop there! Our clients love the versatility of armor stone, and have used it to create beautiful walkways, walls, and water features!

At AA Quarry, LLC, the only thing that exceeds our pride in our materials is our commitment to customer service! Our team is always happy to answer questions and make specific recommendations, and we stand behind everything that we sell! Start your order now, or give us a call at (501) 565-5333 If you have any questions!