Rock has many different uses in residential, commercial, and municipal construction. It can be used to control erosion, protect a shoreline, and serve as a base for pavement. It can also be used for landscaping and decorative projects.

Our team at AA Quarry, LLC has the capacity to produce over two million tons annually of rock and sand products, which menas we can easily supply you with the rock products that you need for your next project. Our rock products are locally mined from a major outcropping of Nepheline Syenite, a hard, gray colored rock with visible characteristics of granite, and we can custom cut rock to your exact specifications. Here are a few of the rock products that we offer:

Fill Gravel – We offer multiple grades of high quality fill rock that will meet your needs for French drains, paving, and foundation fill. Most of our clients prefer base 57 & 67 gravel, with 67 referring to rocks up to 1/2” in size, and 57 referring to rocks that are slightly larger.

Ballast – We carry the ballast stone products that you need to complete railroad track projects of any size. Ballast serves numerous important purposes for railroad track safety, including securing cross ties, facilitating drainage, and preventing the spread of large vegetation.

Armor Stone – In addition to our rip rap products, we also offer armor stone cut to order. Both are a great way to protect a shoreline, but with armor stone, the design possibilities are endless. Whether you’re building a walkway, water feature, or retaining wall, we can supply the armor stone that you need.

At AA Quarry, LLC, we believe in offering premium construction aggregates at value prices. Our commitment to customer service is second to none, and every member of our team will do whatever it takes to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us online for a free estimate here, or give us a call at 501-565-5333 if you have any questions.