For Quality Concrete, you Need Quality Aggregates in the Mix

Mixing concrete is a pretty straightforward process. You start with the correct proportions of cement, fine aggregates and gravel, and then mix them to the desired consistency. Once that’s done, you will soon be ready to pour your structural foundations, driveways, sidewalks, and other architectural features. The important thing to remember is that quality concrete always starts with quality materials.

Whether you are looking for aggregate rock or fine aggregates, AA Quarry, LLC should be your first (and last) call. We have been proud to serve central Arkansas since 2005, and each year, we produce and ship over 2 million tons of aggregate supplies to contractors throughout the southeast. The only thing stronger than our products is our commitment to customer service, and we are ready to make you our next repeat customer. Here are a couple of products that we offer that will ensure the right concrete mix for every job:

Granufill-AA Quarry, LLC is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Granufill, a manufactured granular material that is a by-product of crushing rock to produce roofing granules. The durability of the rock combined with the angular characteristics of the crushed material makes it an excellent alternative to fill sand, and Granufill is available in multiple densities appropriate for numerous mix designs.

Fill Gravel and Rock Products-A gravel-rich concrete mix might not be right for sidewalks and foundations, but is certainly a cost-effective way to use concrete for less cosmetic projects such as drainage systems, and shoring up sunken posts. We mine our aggregate gravel products at our Little Rock quarry from a major outcropping of nepheline syenite, a hard gray colored rock with visible characteristics of granite. We carry grade 57 & 67 stone products, and can also custom grind other sizes to order.

At AA Quarry, LLC, we don’t just consider ourselves an aggregate supplier: we consider ourselves a partner! We take pride in all of our products and services, and are happy to offer our professional expertise to every client at no additional charge. If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to place an order, contact us online, or at 501-565-5333.