When it comes to landscaping, the amount of choices that you have to make can be overwhelming. Most of the time, you want your property to make a striking visual impact, while striking the right balance with its surroundings. The home will often have an architectural style that should be continued to the edge of the property line, but just as often, a home should seamlessly blend into its surroundings.

AA Quarry, LLC is proud to be the Southeast’s top provider of premium construction aggregates, and we have provided tons of fill rock and gravel, railroad ballast, and rip rap to our customers. To get more specific, we provide over two million tons a year! Our Little Rock quarry mines, produces, and supplies aggregate materials from a major outcropping of the mineral known as Nepheline Syenite. This is a hard gray colored rock formation with visible characteristics of Granite and is the predominant material used in the region. In addition to our standard aggregates, we are also the region’s top provider or Armor stone, which can be cut to order, and shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. by truck, rail, or barge. Here are a few of the ways that our clients use Armor stone to create rustic beauty for their homes or businesses:

Retaining Walls and Walkways- Nothing says “old money” like a masterfully crafted home that uses armor stone to create a sense of rustic beauty. You simply cannot get the same effect with Bricks, concrete, or wood.

Shoreline stabilization-If the property is near water, you already understand that Rip Rap is an important way to stabilize your shorelines. Armor stone can serve the same purpose, and can have the dual benefit of blending with your property more seamlessly, and adding a real touch of class.

Water Features-Don’t forget the potential to create exciting water features for your palatial estate! You can start with a large fountain in the center of your circular driveway, and a couple of Koi ponds near your patio. And if you have a backyard swimming pool, the possibilities to build a tropical grotto are practically endless!

If you have any questions about Armor stone or any other of our products, contact us online or at 501-565-5333.