The development of the railroads was a crucial component of American expansion, and as we began to industrialize and expand from the colonies, it was the first way that we transported the materials and people that we needed to grow. The cities that were close to the railroad lines typically thrived, and the cities that were not fortunate enough to be close to the rails became ghost towns practically overnight.

While it might be true that the rail industry has taken a backseat to other forms of transportation, it is is still very much alive, and no one knows that better than our team at AA Quarry, LLC. Whether you need ballast stones, concrete stone, armor stone, or fill gravel, no order is too big or too small. Here are just a few of the reasons why it is so important to insist on the best when it comes to ballast stone.

Building a stable track-It did not take long for railroad engineers to learn that rigidly mounting rails to the ground was not a workable solution, because the trains were simply too heavy. Present day, a fully loaded freight train weighs hundreds of tons, and often pull more than a hundred cars. But engineers began to learn that by mounting the track to rigid cross ties buried in deep beds of rock, they could shift to evenly distribute weight. And the sharp edges of the ballast stones were ideal to keep the cross ties locked into position as the tracks shifted.

Controlling the Spread of Vegetation-As anyone who has had to suffer from an invasion of weeds will tell you, keeping them under control is a daily struggle. And when it comes to the railroads, there are literally tens of thousands of miles of track to maintain. The best defense against unwanted shrubbery and woody vegetation is a a deep layer of ballast.

Controlling Erosion-flooding and heavy rainfall can be devastating to many forms of infrastructure, and the problem can often be compounded by the fact that many rail lines run alongside of waterways. But a heavy layer of ballast stone will create a great drainage system that will direct water away harmlessly.

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