As a contractor, you know the first step toward successful completion of any project is a firm foundation, because everything you place above ground depends on what is underneath for stability. That goes for any job, whether you’re building a backyard deck, a stadium, a skyscraper, or a highway.

And if you manufacture concrete products you know the raw materials are vital for the strength and durability of the finished product, from concrete stone to culverts to highway overpass support columns. Whatever the need, if it has to stand up for years in all kinds of weather and under load stress, it has to be built strong, and to do that you have to build the quality in from the very start.

At AA Quarry, LLC, we built our business providing quality materials you can build on with confidence. Materials like:

  • Sand – Our sands are most generally produced from local deposits in the earth and whether you need fill sand, concrete sand, asphalt sand, or sand for your children’s sandbox, we supply a superior product that is known for its consistency from one load to the next.
  • Rock – We have a gradation of materials to meet your needs fashioned from the mineral, Nepheline Syenite, a hard, gray colored rock formation similar to granite, mined from our Little Rock quarry.
  • Top Soil – Quality Topsoil is important for plants to properly root and obtain their most vital nutrients to prosper, and it is often be used in place of sand or gravel for proper surface grading near residential buildings. Our top soil is rich in minerals and will exceed your expectations, whether you need multiple dump truck loads or enough to layer over your backyard garden.
  • Granufill – Granufill is a manufactured granular material that is a by-product of crushing rock to produce roofing granules. The durability of the rock combined with the angular characteristics of the crushed material makes Granufill an excellent choice for Select Fill for construction projects and for use in mix designs.

Call AA Quarry, LLC today at 501-565-5333 or contact us online and let us show you we mean it when we say we will earn your business with our quality aggregate materials and our commitment to customer service.