Since 2005, contractors throughout the southeast have turned to AA Quarry, LLC to order their aggregate supplies for all sorts of construction jobs. Our rock products are mined in Little Rock, Arkansas from a major outcropping of Nepheline Syenite, the predominant rock product in the region that has visible characteristics of granite. Each year, we produce and ship over two million tons of rock products, and no order is too big or too small.

Our commitment to customer service is unrivaled in the industry, and we are standing by to produce and ship the rock products that you need by truck, rail, or barge, and ship them on your schedule. And if you ever have any specific questions, our team members are always standing by. Here are some of our most popular rock products:

57 & 67 Stone-When it comes to aggregate gravel, 57 & 67 stone is our bestseller. It is perfect for road base, basic erosion control for a dirt road, and French drains. 57 stone averages about ¾” in diameter, and 67 stone is slightly smaller. Sometimes the blueprints or service orders will specify what grade of gravel to use, but if you are unsure, we can typically make recommendations.

Railroad Ballast-A long time ago, the railroad industry learned that there was not an easy way to anchor track directly to the ground, and learned that sinking railroad ties into a rock base was a better solution. Ballast also facilitates drainage, and prevents the growth of harmful vegetation on the tracks.

Rip Rap-Rip Rap stones are 10”-18” in diameter, and ideal to stabilize a shoreline or hillside. If you are looking to protect waterfront property from being carried away when lakes or rivers rise and fall, we can recommend the right amount of rip rap to order to protect the property.

If you have any questions, or are ready to place an order, contact us online, or at 501-565-5333.