Due to unprecedented amounts of rainfall, the Arkansas River has recently risen to record-breaking levels. A federal emergency has been declared, and property owners in both Arkansas and Oklahoma have recently been forced to evacuate. The US Army Corps of Engineers are opening dams to accommodate the heavy flow of the river, and communities are presently doing everything that they can to keep their citizens safe, and prevent further damage.

AA Quarry, LLC is the southeast’s leading provider of construction aggregate supplies, and each year we produce and ship over two million tons of aggregate gravel and rock products. We offer industry leading turnaround times on all orders, and legendary customer service. We also offer quality advice at no additional charge, so let us know if you ever have any questions about which product to order for your job, and how much that you’ll need.

When it comes to erosion control for a property that’s adjacent to a shoreline or hillside, rip rap stone is a great product. The rip rap rocks are 10”-18” in diameter, and are highly effective at making sure that your shoreline doesn’t get washed away during the heavy seasonal rainfall so common throughout the southeast. And for emergency situations when you need to fill sandbags, we recommend investing in type II granufill, which is exclusively available from AA Quarry, LLC.

Granufill is a manufactured granular material that is a by-product that comes from crushing rock to produce roofing granules. The durability of the rock combined with the angular characteristics of the crushed material also makes granufill an excellent choice for select fill construction projects and for use in mix designs. It has the right density for sand bag fill material, because it’s flexible to stack and arrange, but locks into place and forms a tight, waterproof seal. It’s also a very cost-effective product that will enable you to reduce your carbon footprint by repurposing waste materials from the rock crushing process.

AA Quarry, LLC is a family-owned business, and we’re always ready to do what we can to keep families safe during this difficult time. If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, contact us online, or at 501-565-5333