Arkansas has a very diverse geography that ranges from the Ozark Mountains in the Northwest to the Delta region in the southeast, and regardless of the terrain, soil erosion can often be a problem. When it comes to erosion, the best thing for containing Arkansas soil is Arkansas rock. AA Quarry, LLC is proud to be Arkansas’ top rock supplier, and we produce Nepheline Syenite gravel and rock aggregate materials mined in our local rock quarry. Nepheline syenite is a hard, gray colored rock formation with visible characteristics of granite, which is the predominant rock material used in the region.

Each year, we ship over two million tons of rock aggregate materials to customers throughout the southeast, supplying materials for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department, and many others. If you’ve got an erosion control project, or If you need to stabilize land near a shoreline or a hillside, we have several products that are excellent performers for erosion control applications:

Rip rap consists of large rocks or concrete rubble sized from 10 to 18 inches that is used to stabilize shorelines, to anchor pilings and bridge abutments, and to maintain the shape of river beds and water features.

Armor stone consists of large, custom cut boulders, typically used when aesthetics are a consideration. Armor Stone offers practical applications with a decorative appearance. It can also be used to build sidewalks, retaining walls, water features, and other features where form is just as important as function.

Fill gravel is another popular choice for certain applications, such as French drains, and driveways, and we can custom grind fill gravel can be custom ground in any grade you need!

Water is one of our most important natural resources, but it must be managed wisely to avoid erosion damage. For your next erosion control project, call us at (501) 565-5333 or contact us online at this link!