When you consider all that it must do, aggregate is much, much more than just a pile of crushed rock and its vital role in infrastructure belies its reputation as merely inert filler. Without that “inert filler” we wouldn’t have concrete buildings, bridges, or even driveways and patios. What we know of as modern construction simply wouldn’t be possible.

At AA Quarry, LLC, we consider product knowledge to be as important as the product, and we’re constantly researching aggregate materials to make sure we supply the best, most consistent product available.

When you order a certain type of aggregate for a certain type of concrete, we not only know what those specs mean in terms of performance, we know that you’ll be using the finest quality aggregate to meet or exceed your job specifications.

We mine our aggregate from local deposits of rock, sand, and gravel, refine it on site, and then ship it to the customer by barge, truck, or rail from one of our facilities in the Little Rock metro area. From mining to shipping, we oversee every part of the process to ensure the best product quality available.

That’s why AA Quarry, LLC has shipped over 2 million tons of aggregate since 2005 to such agencies as the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Dept., the Louisiana Dept. of Transportation and Development, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the cities of Little Rock and North Little Rock. We’ve built that relationship of trust and respect with them by offering the finest quality and service in the aggregate industry, and we’ll build the same kind of relationship with you.

Isn’t it time you demand more from your aggregate supplier?

Get started now by calling AA Quarry, LLC at 501-565-5333 or contact us online with information about what you need, and we’ll do what it takes to build that relationship with you. We want to earn your business the way we know best; by providing the best products and service possible.