The construction industry is built, quite literally, on a foundation of stone, as in crushed stone, aggregate rocks, gravel, sand, and other aggregate materials that are mined from the earth. These materials are then used as base for roadways and building foundations, mixed into concrete, and even laid out on shorelines to halt erosion damage.

At AA Quarry, LLC, we’re proud to be the top rock supplier in the southeast, shipping construction aggregates throughout the region after we extract it from our Little Rock quarry, process it into the proper grade material, and load it onto trucks, barges, and railcars. To be successful in the construction industry, we’ve had to work hard and work smart to stay ahead of our competition, and we insist on providing the very best customer service to all of our clients, both large and small.

Here are three reasons we are able to depend on a large volume of repeat and referral business, and we hold up these three reasons as why you want to make AA Quarry, LLC your supplier of high quality construction materials:

Size Matters: AA Quarry, LLC is large enough to handle any size order promptly and efficiently, whether you need a standard aggregate,or if you need custom sized stone for a special purpose. But we’re small enough to know your name, to know your needs regarding construction aggregates, and we’re always willing to provide guidance on your order.

Customer Service: Ask any of our regular customers, which include the Arkansas Department of Transportation and the US Army Corps of Engineers who provides the highest quality customer care, and they’ll gladly tell you why they keep coming back. The fact is, we produce and ship over two million tons of aggregates ever year to construction projects all over the southeast, a volume that we maintain because our customers come first.

Quality Makes the Difference: Our Little Rock quarry mines, produces, and supplies aggregate materials from a major outcropping of the mineral known as Nepheline Syenite, a hard gray colored rock formation with visible characteristics of granite that is widely used in the region . We refine the rock we extract into various gradations of construction material for use as asphalt and concrete aggregates, ballast, industrial sand, rip rap, and Class 7 Base, to name a few. In short, if you need it for your construction project, we can produce it.

Quality construction doesn’t happen by taking short cuts. That’s why you’ll always get the best we have to offer. Call AA Quarry, LLC at 501-565-5333 or contact us online at this link and you’ll see why AA Quarry, LLC is the first name in construction aggregates in Arkansas.