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For two decades and counting, railroad contractors have made us their top choice for ballast stone!

Several decades ago, rail travel in the U.S. was much more common and the development of the coast-to-coast railroad was instrumental in the industrial revolution, westward expansion, and the Union victory in the Civil War.

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Armor Stone is the perfect blend of function and style, and we can cut it to order!

When it comes to landscaping, the amount of choices that you have to make can be overwhelming. Most of the time, you want your property to make a striking visual impact, while striking the right balance with its surroundings. The home will often have an architectural style that should be continued to the edge of the property line, but just as often, a home should seamlessly blend into its surroundings.

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No one beats our prices on custom Armor Stone!

Whether you are building a brand new home, or looking to breathe some new life into your existing home, armor stone is a highly versatile product that is durable, attractive, and adds great rustic beauty to any home. It also blends well with the natural landscaping of your home, and gives any property a real touch of class!

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For Quality Concrete, you Need Quality Aggregates in the Mix

For Quality Concrete, you Need Quality Aggregates in the Mix

Mixing concrete is a pretty straightforward process. You start with the correct proportions of cement, fine aggregates and gravel, and then mix them to the desired consistency. Once that’s done, you will soon be ready to pour your structural foundations, driveways, sidewalks, and other architectural features. The important thing to remember is that quality concrete always starts with quality materials.

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Get the Right Rock Product For Your Next Project


Rock has many different uses in residential, commercial, and municipal construction. It can be used to control erosion, protect a shoreline, and serve as a base for pavement. It can also be used for landscaping and decorative projects.

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